Snark The company specializes in the production of fine tuners for electric guitars, bass, acoustic and classical and violin, ukulele and even other stringed instruments.Snark Tuners have been awarded in 2011 the silver medal Player’s Choice Awards Acoustic Guitar.


Danelectro Company was established in 1947 and is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of compact guitar effects and electric guitars at affordable prices. The company is also well known for small, portable guitar amplifiers, guitar effects and accessories. Many of the products of this brand are considered the best in its price class.


G LAB brand arose from confluence of knowledge, experience and engineering skills of an active guitar player and technological and manufacturing capacities of ELZAB SA company which from 40 years produce electronic devices.
G LAB products are designed with an eye to professional guitarists and each of them features the innovative technical solutions. They allow to obtain higher tone quality and functionality that wasn’t accessible up till now in other products on market.
All products are designed and produced in our factory in Zabrze, Poland. Usage of select components, trusty technologies and hand assembly assure their highest quality and reliability.
We participate in the biggest music fairs in Frankfurt, London, Paris and others were we present our latest achievements getting very positive feedback from world class guitarists.
Our constantly growing offer attract more and more guitarists from around the word.


Lovepedal is an American manufacturer producing popular boutique guitar effects pedals. By combining high-quality performance, modest appearance, ease of use and elegant sound – Lovepedal effects are one of the most frequently chosen by guitarists. From time to time parts of the manufacturer offers a limited effect, which makes them even more desirable.


Jetter Gear is an American manufacturer producing award winning boutique guitar effects pedals. The building process is in-house or closely under direct control.
Enclosures are designed by Jetter and manufactured locally. They are made from high quality steel and formed on state-of-the-art machinery. Each of the four sides are then welded and finished by hand. We feel that these enclosures are the toughest in the industry, all while maintaining elegance of design and functionality. We then use the highest quality powder coating available to give our enclosures a beautiful and durable finish.
The silk screening is all done in-house, from graphic design to actually applying the ink. We use an extremely durable catalyzed ink for precision and long life.
The circuit boards are designed in-house and are manufactured here in the USA using military grade materials. Every circuit board is loaded by hand at Jetter Gear.
All of these steps contribute to our dedication to designing and building the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing pedals possible.


MoenFX is an Chinese manufacturer producing Switching Systems, Loopers and guitar effects pedals in high quality with a very good price-performance ratio.

GJ2 Guitars

At GJ2, we always strive to make the best playing, best sounding guitars that we can. We use premium materials and components, always using parts that we can make in-house wherever possible. When visitors come to our workshops to look around, we always start at the front of our woodshop were we show them planks of wood, beautiful mahogany, ash, maple, basswood, walnut and more. Why is this important? Because unlike some other companies, we do NOT have our bodies and necks made by outside vendors and then just paint and assemble them. Our guitars are truly made from scratch. We wind our own pickups (Habanero) and have our own paint shop. All of our inlays are made in our workshop and always fit flawlessly. You will NEVER see filler around the inlays on one of our guitars.
Any GJ2 guitar will offer a lifetime of service and pleasure for any discerning guitar player and enthusiast.
Grover Jackson personally inspects and chooses very piece of wood that we use in the construction of these guitars for tonal and visual excellence. Each one comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and is play tested by Grover before dispatch and of course, we PLEK every guitar to ensure perfect playability every time.
Every GJ2 guitar will give a lifetime of great service and a GJ Select is the ultimate.
With GJ2 Guitars, Grover Jackson is back. After 35 years of experience and experimentation, he’s still pushing the limits of what a great guitar can be, as only Grover can.


“Better than Amp-Like!”

BJFe/BearFoot have built a reputation for building the most “amp-like” guitar effects around. Our pedals not only sound, but feel and perform like the amp features they emulate: the early Tweed/Blonde/Plexi response of the Sparkling Yellows, the warm, tube-like equalization of the SBEQ, or the perfect emulation of amp/speaker compression from the Pale Green Comp. BearFoot FX pedals reproduce the sounds of your favorite recorded amps and they do it at any volume through any clean amp. Yes, you can stomp through your collection of the most musical amp tones ever made and even the best compression, EQ and modulation in exactly the amounts you need to sound like…YOU! That’s better than amp-like.
All BearFoot products are designed by Bjorn Juhl & handmade by Donnerbox in St. Louis, Missouri USA.



J&H Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is specialized in manufacturing, developing and marketing of electronic musical instruments and accessories. Our products include power supply for effects, digital tuners, digital metronomes, digital metro-tuners, mini-amplug, LED music light etc. All of our products are carefully made and pass strict quality control. We believe product quality is the life of a company.



Boutique effects pedals maker from out of this galaxy… landed at Cloud9 Studios in Long Island, New York… a small boutique recording studio on the east coast of the United States. Together they formed Cloud 9 Audio and have begun to manufacture a fine line of guitar FX pedals to aid in the battle to preserve all things analog. The first one of these pedals was called the “Fuzz Bubble 45″ – which emulates classic guitar tones form the 60′s & 70′s.



Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation is a specialty guitar pedal and synthesizer module maker based in Portland, Oregon and proudly produces products made in the USA. Malekko is co-owned by entrepreneur Josh Holley and music industry veteran Paul Barker. Paul Barker is a former member of the bands Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Lard, Pailhead, The Blackouts, Lead Into Gold, PTP, Acid Horse and others. As a recording and touring musician and producer, Barker has performed in venues world-wide and brings to the Malekko aesthetic his personal and practical experience in using vintage and new gear onstage and off. Barker co-produced all of Ministry’s albums from “Land of Rape and Honey” through “Animositisomina”, including “Psalm 69″ under the moniker “Hermes Pan” of the Luxa/Pan production team.
Josh Holley is a long-time fan of synthesizers and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject, from vintage to modern instruments. His passion and vision propels development toward new frontiers of audio sculpting devices.

All Malekko products carry the personal stamps of approval of both Josh & Paul- “Superlative”.



Handmade guitar pedals built right and proper in the pacific northwest. Mr. Black is a special division of Jack Deville Electronics L.L.C.
All circuits are designed by Jack Deville and handmade in Portland, Oregon here in the good ol U.S. of A. by a small team of wild and crazy dudes.

D’Orazio Strings

Italian string maker with a long history since 1654. All materials used in the construction of the strings are all first quality from Argentina, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Italy Each string is controlled in all processes. Our handmade work allows us to have high quality and to produce any kind for any instrument.
Thanks to our labelling system, in addition to items in catalog, we can produce various measures and “custom strings “ in order to satisfy your requests. We pack the strings in the Set and singles, in anticorrosive heat sealed plastic bags, in order to protect them from oxidizing agents.

D’Orazio is said to have let the family to be representative of that school, which he founded in the sixteenth century and subsequently all Italian and foreign manufactures have follow his exemple as it is well known in industry.

Lava Cable

Hi end cables made in USA. Lava Cable is a Sub-Chapter S, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) headquartered in Owasso, Oklahoma. We are Make-to-Order (MTO) manufacturer of audio cables and accessories for the world-wide Music Industry that provides good-better-best cable solutions.
Our mission is simple: To provide the best possible USA-made cable and accessory products while providing customer service second to none.
Relationships are important to us and when you purchase a Lava Cable product, you become a part of the Lava family.
The CEO and Global Sales Manager for Lava Cable are both seasoned guitarists having performed in numerous bands and various venues in multiple states for many years and understand the needs of musicians.
Our products are designed to improve tone, functionality, and durability while providing unique solutions that enable musicians to enjoy playing and performing music more.
We have the most responsive lifetime warranty service in the industry.
We use three different bulk cable manufacturers in the United States to make bulk cable to our specifications and terminate our cables with USA-made G&H plugs by ABBATRON.
From budget to boutique we have solutions for musicians cabling and accessory needs.

Luxxtone Guitars

Luxxtone Guitars was created in 2012 in Southern California with a singular mission: to take the best of the vintage designs from the past and meld them with modern innovations of today. We are dedicated to producing the best, most comfortable playing guitars available, for musicians of every genre.

Luxxtone Guitars are made using only the finest quality parts and materials, coupled with our own proprietary hardware and designs. Each and every guitar is a custom creation from Master Luthier Jerry Bizon, made to feel like a worn-in extension of the player’s body and soul.

In both tone and function, Luxxtone Guitars are the ultimate tool for musical self-expression.


Santo Angelo Cables

Based in Brazil, using state of the art production methods dictated by our ISO 9.001: 2008 Certification, ensuring our customers that you are purchasing a product that is made under strict Quality Management and Assurance guidelines and complying with International RoHS standards, our organization is guided by a comprehensive Environmental Management system that ensures reduced electrical consumption, efficient use of raw materials and natural resources, with less waste, and more recycle-ability and reuse of water in the manufacturing of our products.

Santo Angelo has always been known for pushing the envelope when coming up with new and innovative concepts for Pro-Audio and our KillSwitch Cables are a great Example.

Santo Angelo – Engineered for Musicians



Boutique pedal maker from Brazil. Their ourstanding pedal is the Airborn Flanger



Amp and pedal maker from Spain. Their Zero floor amp is a full stereo floor amp.